Weekend Goodie Bag: Whiskey Six Wants You!

Another year is coming to an end, there’s nothing better then fresh ideas to kick off another turn around the sun, and Whiskey Six is starting the new year with full force. Their launching the “Whiskey Six Social Media Underground” to help bring their fans as close to the main stage, something we at Ourtunez like to pride ourselves in as well. The way the plan works is, you go to their website and sign up for the program, then once you’re in, you’ll be the first to know about good things that are Whiskey Six. On their website, the list of assignments includes:

  • - Helping us “Share” and “Like” our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram postings from our official various Whiskey Six Social media sites.
  • - Putting out the word on upcoming W6 events. (You will get an exclusive “heads up” on events before anyone else)
  • - Helping funnel and direct inquiries about tickets to our from friends and fans towards our ticket sales department.
  • - Sharing our digital flyers through email to other friends and fans whom may not be able to receive notifications of events through standard social media outlets.
  • - Share your creative marketing and design ideas with us, We want to hear what you think too!!

So if you want to be apart of something great, head over and sign up today, and don’t forget to check out Whiskey Six on our Indie Rock Station!