Weekend Goodie Bag: The Erers live at Smalls

1510947_698728720146888_1671899661_nThis weekends goodie bag contains a show that will send shivers up and down your spine, make you reconsider your whole existence on this planet, and probably keep you up all night, tossing and turning in your sleep while you keep asking yourself, “Is this real life?” Yes, yes this is real life, you just got Erer’d. The cure for it isn’t anywhere on Web MD, the only way to survive now is more and Ourtunez can give you your junkie fix. It’s extremely simple, go see The Erers tomorrow night at Smalls in Hamtramck, MI, rage face, then constantly stream their album off of Ourtunez on our Indie Rock station. Side effects may include: Headache, insomnia, hysteria, sore throat, hair loss, amnesia, colored urine, hallucinations, loss of bowel control, and if you have an erection that lasts more then three hours, well then, thats not really our problem, kinda strange, and you should probably go see a professional.