Weekend Goodie Bag: A Gif’tastic Review of Darlingside’s Album, “Pilot Machines”

This weekends Goodie Bag should give you a case of the giggles and hopefully a couple dribbles of pee in your fresh undies. Cheers!


Track One – “Still”

Hmmm.. yess this is a nice start. A beautiful, harmonious beginning to this indie folk album 

troy and abed


Track 2 – “The Woods”

Tastes like sugar and gumdrops. A quirky, poppy jam with subtle strings lurking in the background

creepy turtles


Track 3 – “Drowning Elvis”

Feels like melodic raindrops splashing you in the face. A downtempo melancholy song about better days.


Track 4 – “Ava”

It’s like the one that got away, shit on your heart and thought it was fine. A blissful enchanting cry for a lost love and what went wrong.

sad hot chick


Track 5 – “The Company we Keep”

Sounds like you are ready for a night on the town, with the world on your shoulders. An epiphany of growing up and being on your own.

hate hate hate


Track – 6 “Blow the House Down”

It’s gonna take more then just one puff from that wolf to blow this one down. Kick drum, fat bass lines, and a catchy chorus.



Track 7 – “Only Echoes”

That song you put on before you dim the lights, fire up some candles, and run to the bathroom to fart. A finger pickin’ confession of lust with a profound breakdown.

bang town


Track 8 – “When Fortune Come”

A song about that one friend, who after college got thick rimmed glasses and a boring girlfriend. A somber song about lost friends and burning bridges.

bobby bike


Track 9 – “My Love”

A song for those that have been in a “relationshit.” Strings tug on a heartache, that can’t be shaken.



Track 10 – “Terrible Things”

A song, that even after a couple plays, keeps you wondering. Kooky little tune about mischief with a poppy harmony.

bitch what


Track 11 – “The Ancestor”

Makes you feel as if you are flying on a cloud with a fine scotch. An uplifting, intertwining story of death and new beginnings.

harry potter


Track 12 – “Sweet and Low”

A fiery ender that roars and echoes from here to eternity. An exquisite and profound ender with hints of electronic tones and distortion.

crazy lady