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Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Dawn and Hawkes

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we sat down with Texas folk duo Dawn and Hawkes to talk about songwriting, independent music, and dancing in bars with strangers. You can find them on the “Soft and Folk Rock” station on Ourtunez.com.

Dawn and Hawkes

Update: Dawn and Hawkes recently made a memorable appearance on NBC’s The Voice Season 6 Blind Audition. Adam Levine described it as his favorite performance ever on the show. They sang a cover of the Beatles “I’ve Just Seen a Face”. It quickly became the number one single on the iTunes Rock charts. Shakira emphasized how their love for each other captivates audiences.

Dawn and Hawkes are a high-powered, energetic Folk duo from Austin, Texas. Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes have been making music for little over a year now, and have been keeping the wheels moving with a rigorous touring schedule that seems¬† to be doing anything, but settle down. “We’ve been touring regularly with nearly 200 shows over the year,” Hawkes said. “We joke that it’s the “date that never ends” and cheesy as that sounds, it feels great to know what you love, to get to do it everyday,” Dawn explained.

The first time these two met was like a scene out of the movie Dirty Dancing. “We met dancing to the blues at TC’s, an old juke joint way out on the east side of Austin. I was with my friends, when all of a sudden this big grinnin’ red headed guy walks up and asks me to dance.” Dawn said. She is usually hesitant to dance with strangers, but there was something confident and sweet about this guy. “After we danced I think I wanted to remember that encounter as a perfect beginning and nothing more so we politely exchanged names.” Six months later they reconnected and started a very special connection.