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Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Taddy Porters’ “Stay Golden”

This week for our Backstage Pass we threw a wrench into the gears of your dumb fixie, hopefully your american spirits don’t get crushed when you flip over your handlebars. We reviewed the album these southern gents Taddy Porter, “Stay Golden” They announced earlier this week that a grand tour of the Midwest is coming up, so stayed tuned for tour dates to come.


Oklahoma boys, Taddy Porter, take pride in their hometown. They stay true to their roots, so when coming up with a name for the last album, Stay Golden, they decided to pay homage to the city that has giving them so many good times and memories.

Coming in hot, “Changes,” the first song on the album is a foot-stomping, deep echo chorus bag of havoc. Lead singer, Andrew Brewer, wails “Coming at cha like a freight train, Coming at cha like a hurricane,” literally as if a hurricane has started somewhere in the album, about to unleash itself via your ear buds.

As you make your way through the album, you can tell that these dudes come from an array of musical backgrounds. Venturing through pop, garage rock, blues, and even a little bit of soul, this album has it all. This is especially relevant on songs like “Evil” and “Stay Golden”. On “Evil” you get a crazy concoction of some surfer/blues rock that adds in catchy poppy hooks and “Stay Golden” is a solid rock anthem with a breakdown that will have crowds swaying, chanting “Stay Golden” in unison.

On their last track of Stay Golden, Taddy Porter leave you with romping, organ friendly good time on the song “You Can Count on Me.” This is their most soulful song on the album and showcases their talent as being a band that can blend a spectrum of jubilant genres into one fun filled mix. The only thing missing from Stay Golden is the flecks of sweat Taddy drops on you as you’re rocking out front row at one of their shows. You can bang this album on the Indie Rock station at Ourtunez.com, and find tour dates to come right here on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.