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Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Half Light Music

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Half Light Music to talk about their new album coming next month. You can find them on the “Indie Rock” station on Ourtunez.com.


Natives from parts of the suburbs of Detroit, Half Light Music is a group of likeminded musicians, making moves around the city. HLM began when Cheyenne Goff gathered some friends from a past band called Bliss 66. He soon found the rest of the pieces to the puzzle and they began to make music. “The name comes from the idea that we are only partially illuminated while we try and shine a light of our own.” Goff told me.

Over the last couple of months, HLM has been in the process of recording a new album titled, Creative Differences. Trying to reinvent yourself in someways, but staying true to what you love can be a sticky situation at times. “We all passionately wanted to try something new, and if not “new” exactly, at least different than that which we are comfortable doing.”

One new concept they wanted to and did incorporate on this new album was to do more electronic friendly tunes. They had previously fooled around with some tracks and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to make it part of their new material. “We received such positive reactions from some of the remixes we had done with previous material that we felt it would be cool to basically turn the process inside out; starting with some of these electronically oriented arrangements on the front end adding the more conventional “rock n’ roll” elements after.”


After days of working in close quarters with each other, this can put tensions in the band at an all time high. “During the course of recording this record the band went through an extreme roller coaster of emotions. Quarrels, gripes and even some fisticuffs on one occasion.” Fortunately everyone made it out alive and the band feels that it is their best work to date.

The name of our game is to take indie artists to the main stage. And There is no better way to achieve that then becoming part of our team, if you’re looking to get into the ears of fellow music heads. “I greatly appreciate what Ourtuenz is doing to promote indie music in such a cool, user friendly, and worldwide format.” You can find Half Light Music on our indie rock station and to hear their new record head to the release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit on November 10th. Cheers!