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Weekend Goodie Bag: Darlingside

It looks like a bit of a hiatus for most of our featured artists this weekend with them resting up their livers and power stances, so we give you this little bundle of joy. From our buddies Darlingside, this is their video for  “The Ancestor.” It was givin’ the thumps up from the dudes over at Vimeo and it’s easy to see why as you watch this melodic intertwining story of death and new beginnings. Cheers!

Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Darlingside

On this week’s installment of the Ourtunez Backstage Pass series we are featuring East coast up-and-comers, Darlingside. Boogie on over to Ourtunez.com to check them out along with the rest of our featured artists!

darlingside cover

Darlingside consists of a unique group of five friends who met in college in a songwriting class. They went on to create a special sound, with roots intertwined in rock, classical and folk music. Natives of New England, Darlingside utilizes an array of instruments and talent ranging from mandolins, a cello, and astonishing songwriters. Don Mitchell, lead guitarist, vocalist, and Interweb Outreach Coordinator, gave me the deets about the whole gang.

“Darlingside is our nod to the expression “kill your darlings,” which refers to the willingness to ditch your favorite, cleverest aspect of a work of art in order that the whole thing can move forward,” Mitchell said. Bringing together like-minded musical souls, makes the songwriting process for this group a bit of an adventure. “Since all of us are songwriters, it’s exciting to see how a given song gets pushed toward completion. And there is always an enormous supply of ideas floating around there.”


Don’t characterize their sound as folk, Darlingside believes that their blend of music flows naturally from their particular instrumentation and artistic sensibilities which defines their sound. “We don’t really worry about genre as we’re putting together our music,” Mitchell said. This explains their complex melodies and fascinating harmonization which helps set them apart from similar groups.