Update: Ourtunez 1.8

We have updated our iOS app, folks! Ourtunez is now better than ever. Download Ourtunez 1.8 today! We have listened to your suggestions, had a few ideas of our own, and improved Ourtunez’ user experience, bringing you addicts your musical fix.



New Features:

Streamlined Streaming: Faster streaming speeds. What’s loading?screen568x568

New Look and Easy Design: Sleek black theme and new layout, designed to make listening, liking, and sharing even easier.

Lock Screen Display: Use Ourtunez from your lock screen for a quicker way to change or pause music. This also enables music control through your Bluetooth devices.

Organized Stations: Find your favorite stations with our new categorized menu.

We’ve also squashed more bugs than an exterminator.

Old Features That You Might’ve Forgotten About:

Favorite, Like, and Dislike Buttons: These buttons are essential to the Ourtunez Experience. Favoriting stations and artists will make those stations and artists more accessible to you. Liking songs will make sure you hear that song more often. Also, for Ourtunez Indie artists, liking their song really helps out their ratings. Show support to your Indie Favorites! Disliking songs makes sure you never hear that song again. Poof!

Manage Dislikes: Ever dislike a song on accident and instantly regret it? Go to Settings to and click ‘Manage Dislikes’. Ourtunez is one of the only apps that provides this service. We know your pain.


Download the new version of Ourtunez. Now.