Ourtunez Welcomes Comedians!

Ourtunez has expanded its horizons and included a comedy station! With mainstream clips from the most popular comedians and entertainers, we feature our talented independent artists and give them airtime alongside the greats. The tracks we play are diverse, whether it’s a clip from a stand-up show, or a satirical song. Share some laughs and upload your comedy! Sign up is easy, and uploading your tracks takes no time. Register on Ourtunez.com today and instantly receive the benefits, the most of which is EXPOSUREGet noticed with Ourtunez today. (Recently featured on Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld’s podcast “If I Were You”)


For more details on how to sign up and upload, here is a short tutorial.

Ourtunez – Artist Tutorial Final from Digital Productions on Vimeo.

Ourtunez.com – Sign Up Here