Ourtunez Backstage Pass: The Gentlemen Mutineers

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined The Gentlemen Mutineers and discussed their creative sound and the soul of Motown. You can check them out on the Indie Rock station at Ourtunez.com


Grab a big ole’ bowl, throw in Rock, add Blues, stir in some Hip-Hop and sprinkle a little Detroit soul on top. Breath it in and you’ll find yourself in a Gentlemen Mutineers haze. Raised on Motown and everything Detroit, The Gentlemen Mutineers, are a fresh face to the scene.

A Mutineer is “one who takes part in mutiny,” a rebel, an anarchist, but these guys are still a class act. “We thought the name reflected our sound. It’s rebellious, but with a code and respect for the great music of the past,” the guys told me when I asked them how the name came about.

Not only is their sound unique but their live show is worth a gander. The six of em provide a high energy, good time and will keep your senses tingling for quite sometime. “All the guys in the band are creative souls,” and this really reflects their original sound.

Embracing Detroit head on, these gentlemen see a change coming, rising from the ashes. “I think people have only seen the tip of the ice burg of what Detroit can do.”

The next time you are crusin’ down Woodward, plug your iPhone in, throw on the Ourtunez App and select the Indie Rock station to get your Gentlemen Mutineers fix in full form. Cheers!