Ourtunez Backstage Pass: That Noise

When it comes to trying to gain new fans you need to find that balance between live performances and media output because both are extremely important in this day and age. “Social media has proved to reach people, but the truth is you can’t download a live experience.” With the way that music is perceived today and the cost of a rigorous touring schedule, some bands take the easy way out, but not these guys. They know and believe that a live show is the only way to fully appreciate music. “Videos are important, but not as much fun as seeing the whites of the people’s eyes experiencing your music.”

To get a full on experience before you see them on the main stage, head on over to Ourtunez.com to check out their latest EP Love Remains and you can always find their jams on our Indie Rock and Alternative stations. That Noise will also be performing on October 19th at The Goodhurt in Mar Vista, California to hear them large and in charge.