Ourtunez Backstage Pass: New Hollow

With a whole new generation of rockers on the forefront, sometimes new bands forget where their roots started. Bands like New Hollow fully respect their forefathers who have provided a path and try to keep true to them. “Since we are all disciples, we would like to think that there’s still a place in the modern musical landscape for ‘traditional roots’ rock bands like us. Having said that, we realize and respect the path taken by modern rock bands that have ‘grown a new set of legs.”

New Hollow was one of our first featured artists we brought to the table. Not only do they believe that online streaming sites like Ourtunez helps grow their fan base, but a solid mix of touring helps as well. “We feel nothing beats playing live and interacting with fans. We love meeting new people and appreciate everyone who has supported us from the beginning!”

You can find New Hollow on our Today’s Hits and Indie Rock stations over at Ourtunez.com. You can stream their hit single, “She Ain’t You” which is climbing the charts at a rapid rate.