Ourtunez Backstage Pass: New Hollow

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined New Hollow to talk about songwriting and their traditional rock roots. You can find them on the “Indie Pop Rock” station on Ourtunez.com.


Young guns New Hollow, have been making their way up the charts for quite sometime now. In 2011, they were the first ever unsigned band to make it to the top of Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart and were recently named a “Band To Watch For in 2013″ by Billboard Magazine. Evan West, Mookie Clouse, and Chad Blashford all grew up in different cities around the country, but it wasn’t until they all moved to New Albany, Ohio and all met in middle school. These guys are all under the age of 21 and with so much talent, its easy to see bright lights in there future.

The name New Hollow wasn’t the original title of this threesome. Originally named ‘Monkee Hollow’, after a street sign they saw while they were on tour, it wasn’t until a new drummer was brought in before they switched the name. ” After he joined (Chad) we decided it was a ‘new’ band and we became New Hollow,” they said.

#1414.00CM-259 Photographed for Columbus Monthly Magazine July 2

When it comes to making new music, these ambitious musicians take the team approach to writing new material. “Usually one of us will bring in a lyric and/or chord progression and we all sit down in rehearsal and turn it into a finished song.” Using this technique has brought them great success, their newest single ” She Ain’t you,” has sold over 420,000 copies and is rising.

As far as influences go, each member brings in their own to the table, which combines to form a cluster of awesome. Ranging from punk to alternative to classic rock you can see that these dudes are very well rounded. The Smiths, Nirvana, Greenday, Led Zeppein, are just some of the legends that these guys look up to. Chad loves any music that makes him move, Mookie is all about bands with attitude and Evan looks for great lyrics and melodies from his idols.