Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Kenny Spear

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Kenny Spear and discussed his unique style of music and how Detroit is the place to be. You can check him out on the Rap / Hip-Hop Station on Ourtunez.com

Detroit is experiencing a rebirth right now, unlike any other city in the country, from new store fronts opening on every corner to a new generation of young guns moving into the city. Kenny Spear is right on track with his own rejuvenation and his music speaks for the city for all it’s glory and even some of its downfalls, coming to grips with himself in a lawless town.

Starting off at a young age, Spear was a natural when it came to signing and stumbled upon his art hanging out with his cousin one day, “I heard my cousin Tom beat boxing and mimicked him to perfection. I think it was at that point I could do something special,” says Spear.

kenny spear

Having a rare, unpredictable sound, Spear defines his music as an acoustic mixture of jazz elements with some old school hip-hop soul thrown into the mix. His major influences are a cornucopia of genres and artists ranging from Jack Johnson to Bone Thugz. “I love the simplicity of Jack Johnson, the musical essentials of The Oscar Peterson Trio, the hip-hop harmonies of Bone Thugz, and the lyrical genius of Eminem and Immortal Technique.” says Spears.

Detroit isn’t going to change in an instant, it’s going to take a whole lot of hard work and dedication, but its artists like Spear who’ve stood by the city through all its twist and turns, that are going to help rebuild Detroit. “I really want to be apart of the renewal of Detroit. I plan on staying here and recording. When God tells me to move, I’ll move,” says Spears.

With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to celebrate then seeing some live music? Look no further because Kenny Spear will be playing a live show at the Hamlin Pub in Shelby Township on Hayes Rd. tonight! Before you see him live make sure to check out this Detroit up and comer over at Ourtunez.com on our rap / hip-hop station, “It’s time to resurrect Detroit and it’s going to begin with music, I’m certain of that,” says Spears. Cheers!