Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Dawn and Hawkes

While some may think that working in a two piece band could be restrictive, Dawn and Hawkes take it as a blessing. Both come from previous full piece bands and the highs well exceed the challenges. “It’s usually the best of both worlds and uniquely empowering more than a challenge,” Hawkes said. Dawn continued, “Playing together is the easy part, touring is the fun part, and writing is the really special part.”

Dawn and Hawkes 2

“I’m inspired by musicians who have influenced both the evolution of music and human consciousness,” Dawn said, “We both are really drawn to the rhythm and groove in music.” Both members have an appreciation for blues and country, but really feel richly influenced by independent bands and friends. “One of our favorite activities is swapping CD’s with talented artists.” Hawkes elaborated.

Folk music has deep roots in songwriting, so its not something that is easy to just jump into. “Song inspiration sneaks up on me all the time out of nowhere,” Dawn told me. “If I’m lucky I’ll have my iPhone handy and a guitar and I’ll go to work recording what I can out of the music.” This is the point where Hawkes comes in, and they really start to feed off one another’s connection, almost as if they are having a conversation. “Every once in a while the song will follow me around in my head, and literally bug me until we finish it. Those are usually the really good ones,” Dawn said.

Hawkes likes the freedom of the Folk genre because it allows them to write about whatever they want as long as it is honest. “It doesn’t have to be catchy or be squished into a format.” Dawn also touched on the fact that the Folk genre is driven by storytelling, so being accepted by fans of “Folk” feels exceptionally rewarding. “They already want to connect with us, our message, and our story before we even begin playing.”


Ourtunez is a great outlet for indie bands like Dawn and Hawkes to get excellent exposure and these artists agree. Hawkes believes that, “Independent music is a great resource for diversity and artistic integrity and it makes great sense to provide a way for listens to conveniently find it.” They also believe that a growing number of artists are creating and sharing their music in it’s simplest form, guitar and voice in a live video – no gimmicks. “We’re in an exciting time right now, in music evolution, because so many independent artists are very empowered to share their music through the web, and are able to be heard with just the click of a button.”

To hear more of Dawn and Hawkes, check out the “Soft and Folk Rock” station on Ourtunez.com.