Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Autumn Wolf

Electronic music is one of the fasting growing music genres in the world at the moment with a huge reemergence to the mainstream after it’s brief rave scene in the 90s. So some might say that touring around the clock is the way to get your name in the game, but Kaye sees a different approach. “I know close friends that are touring heavily and I can see the progress they are making. It makes me think that I need to get out on a six month tour as soon as possible. Though at the same time there is no way I could keep recording and producing the way I am right now from the road.”


There is nothing like a solid dive bar, especially in the Motor City. Kaye’s preferred one is the Old Miami located in the Midtown district on Cass. Referred to some as “the C.B.G.B’s of the midwest,” this time capsule music machine has featured some of Detroit top acts since 1975. Not only is it is favorite dive bar in the city, but just recently he had one of his more memorable concert experiences there, watching some buddies perform. “It was really just a jam session, but they were great. These are some of the best and creative musicians that I know.” He was even lucky enough to join them on stage and sit in on a couple of songs with them.

Check out Autumn Wolf’s first full length album Primal Passion over at www.Ourtunez.com and you can also catch him on our Indie streaming station along with our other fabulous featured artists. Cheers!