Ourtunez Backstage Pass: The Fever Tongues

Kids at heart, The Fever Tongues talked about watching “hella cartoons” and wrestling (“rasslin”), but nowadays concentrating on making music has taken top priority. “Really there are just only so many hours in the day so between music and drinking and dancing and stuff, it gets tough.” When looking at music that inspires these guys, they go deep into funky hip-hop and all the way back old time blues bands like Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. ” We really enjoy playing Seed 2.0 by The Roots…Billy is like my personal quest love.”

fever tongues pic

Making it to the top today is pretty big mountain to climb, but thanks to platforms like Ourtunez, independent artists have a voice in a saturated market. ” I think it’s a good service for sure, getting people to listen to free music is the way it should be,” Josh remarked on the possibility of the Fever Tongues making it big someday. “I guess having a label can get you money and contacts and such, but it seems like the best music will always spread and rise to the top singed or unsigned.”

The next time you find yourself in The D, make sure you give The Fever Tongues a live listen. In the meantime, you can listen to their entire Self Help EP on the Indie station at Ourtunez.com. Their single California is a lively, up tempo jam that will leave you in poppy garage, punk bliss.