Ourtunez Backstage Pass: The Fever Tongues

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we shot the breeze with Ann Arbor’s The Fever Tongues. You can find them on the “Indie Radio” station on Ourtunez.com.

fever tongues cover

The Fever Tongues are a new Midwest, garage pop act hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Consisting of Josh Smith, Billy Harrington and Adrian Koch this trio’s laid back sound tricks toes into tapping from the first listen. “We met in Ann Arbor, me and Adrian met through meditation and we both knew Billy from just being the best drummer, in at least the Midwest. So we linked through mutual friends and hit it off.” Josh said.

Forming over the last year, The Fever Tongues are still relatively new to the Michigan music scene, but have been making a name for themselves in the Detroit garage rock circuit. “Yeah, Detroit is the shit,” Josh said after playing at PJ Lager House in Corktown, a predominate venue for all new unique acts trying to make it in the Motor City. “I’m digging Jamaican Queens heavy, they rep Detroit hard.”