Hold On to Your Butts, Ourtunez v1.5 Is Live!

Good news, everyone! Version 1.5, the latest iteration of Ourtunez is live, which means both users and artists have a few exciting new features to look out for. Artists can now upload and edit songs (!!!), complete with album art. Artist profiles are now editable – be sure you fill out your band’s biography (and even link to your website straight from Ourtunez).

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.19.33 PM

Behold, the majesty!

On the front page, users will notice the dynamic wheel of artists gives you a glimpse at some groups exclusive to Ourtunez. We have also added a way for you to manage the songs you have disliked. If you want to give an artist another chance, you now have the capability to do so. One more important feature for v1.5 is that everyone of our featured artists will have the word INDIE next to their name, so you’ll instantly recognize when artists are available for “on demand” listening, and adding to playlists. Enjoy the new digs, and keep on keeping on.

The Management