Backstage Pass: The Invisible World

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a series where we introduce an independent artist from Ourtunez. This week, we talked to The Invisible World, one of our most professional sounding bands. Listen to their music on

Here at Ourtunez, we get a lot of independent musicians uploading their music looking for exposure and new fans. We blend mainstream music with the music uploaded by our users. A problem that that can arise is that sometimes, no matter how talented the musicians are, the sound quality is noticeably lower than more established mainstream music. This is NOT the case of The Invisible World, a rock band from Kansas City. They are one of the most professional sounding bands you can hear on

Jesse Collins (vocals, guitar), Bryce Veazey (guitar, vocals), John Gibbens (bass, guitar) and Brandon Woodall (Drums) have been playing together for 10 years, first as A Dead Giveaway, and after taking a break in 2010, rebranded and reunited as The Invisible World in 2012. “The name is something I came up with while listening to a radio program a few years ago called Coast to Coast AM. They were talking about the subject of the afterlife and about a world that exists between the one we know here and Heaven or Hell, they called that world ‘The Invisible World’,” said Jesse.

Some of their early success can be attributed to a crowdfunding campaign for a music video for the song “Cars”. “Within days of its release, ‘Cars’ was making regular rotations on social media networks while receiving accolades from radio station personalities and professional film directors. It was evident that The Invisible World was becoming a very visible presence in the Kansas City music scene.”

welcome_to_the_invisible_worldThe Invisible World decided to work with producer Jason Scott Smith for their first official release, Welcome To The Invisible World. Jesse Collins commends Jason for his work on the album saying he “really allowed us to find melodies that we didn’t know were there, and then refocus parts of songs onto those new discoveries.” Talking about the recording of the album he added, “It’s really quite incredible that a group of friends can get together over the course of 4-5 months and create something like this EP. We did it all in bedrooms and basements.” This five track EP is an impressive blend of rock and folk. The vocals are clean and powerful and the music ranges from hard to soft, never skipping a beat. Lyrics and music fuse seamlessly, creating an atmosphere that is very real.TIW1

“It was never intentional, but I do believe that once we stepped back and looked at the EP as a whole some very distinct themes emerged. There’s a narrative throughout the EP that seems to gravitate towards imagination, or even dreamlike scenes. There are themes of self-awareness, sub-conscious grapplings with life and the desire to be satisfied with one’s place in it. On a surface level our songs are about life, love and loss, all the basics that most songs are written about. But I think the way we phrase things and the musical accompaniment that we place it inside of creates a distinct perspective that opens doors to themes that are more felt instead of defined. As far as a message, we think life is meant to be explored, I’d say our songs exemplify that notion and hopefully motivate the listener to take some action in their own life. Whatever that be.” Well said.

We at Ourtunez see a bright future for The Invisible World. I personally feel any one of these songs can gain traction in the mainstream rock scene and take this band to new heights. Their live shows are described as “lively and full of energy,” mesmerizing the crowd with smooth transitions and putting on a performance. New music is on the way. Can’t see this talented band quitting any time soon.