Backstage Pass: The ERERs

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined The ERERs and discussed past and future projects. You can check them out on our Indie Rock Station on

If you think Rock is dead, or has been mutilated to a genre unrecognizable by human ears, think again. The ERERs, from Troy, Michigan, have a unique sound that moves your feet without even knowing it. You wouldn’t believe that such a full sound is coming from only three members. They give hope to rock purists nationwide.

The ERERs Ourtunez Featured Artist

Ourtunez Featured Artist

The three members include Matt Riesterer on guitar and vocals, Chris Fichter on drums, and Jamie Mosshart on bass. These 3 rocker(er)s make some seriously good music, but off stage they are some of the goofiest dudes. For example, in a recent interview, they described their top influences to their music as “leather jackets and pizza.” And to be honest, we can totally taste some spicy pepperoni and hear the crackling leather when we listen to this band. Their hobbies outside of music include “imported Beer, domestic boobs, shark week (for real. See Matt’s tattoo.) and fist fights.” You know, the rock star life.

They have uploaded their “Tombstone EP” on Ourtunez and we have all been big fans ever since. It was recorded January and February of 2013 and consists of six amazing head nodding rock songs. “We were all pumped up about it and basically learned the songs as we recorded them.”

The ERERs have upcoming shows on March 6th at the 51 North Brewery in Lake Orion, and on March 7th at Capo’s Lounge in Hamtramck. If you’re anywhere in southeast Michigan on those days, we highly recommend you see this band. They describe their live shows as “sweaty, fuzzy, loud, and semi-erect.” Sounds like a hell of a time.


They are releasing a new EP in April and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it. A release show in April is in the works as well. The ERERs have great chemistry and it shows in their music. “We were meant for each otherer.” Big things are in store for this gritty rock band. (Photography by Katya Stewart)

-Nino Munaco (  Ourtunez Editor