Backstage Pass: Meteor vs. Dinosaur

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Meteor vs. Dinosaur and discussed their new sound and the ultimate wet dream. You can check him out on the Indie Rock Station on

 m vs d

Before the dawn of time, before the spark of man, there was a vicious battle for global domination. In one corner we had a large race of creatures, some extremely dangerous while others just sat around and ate grass all day, while in the other corner we had huge fuckin’ rocks, falling from the sky, turning red hot, getting ready to rain on everyones parade. Well, we all know who won the battle and thanks to movies like The Land Before Time, we were taught at a young age that know matter how cool your species is, rocks falling from the sky will win. Then came the band Meteor vs. Dinosaur from Seattle, Washington and just like the Meteors that fell so many years ago, they have come to change the way the world turns, but with tantalizing tunes, not global destruction.

Meteor vs. Dinosaur jump around genres, so them trying to define a sound is like trying to explain why all those meteors fell to this planet in the first place. Going from band to band, these three dudes finally became a solid trio in February of last year and have been tweakin around a surf psychedelic sound, but like to dabble around.

“We recently started to jam with our friend who plays keyboards and have been leaning more towards dancier music, so who knows what’s in store for the future,” Gianni Aiello, bass player, told me.

Still new to the scene, Meteor vs. Dinosaur have been rapidly working on writing new material and playing small shows around Seattle. While they’re still waiting for their first full length tour, they see the benefits of what it would be like to get out and show the world what they are made of.


“We have been creating loads of new songs by just staying at home and practicing, but being able to see the audience’s reaction night after night could be really helpful in deciding which songs we should develop more and which we should throw overboard,” said Aiello.

Every band has those big pipe dreams of opening for their hero’s, those dreams where you wake up stuck to your sheets, with a shit grin on your face. If these guys had that dream, it would involve Aussie psy-rock band Tame Impala and they would play a wicked cover.

“We do a cover that starts out as Pinball Wizard by the Who and then goes straight into Fell in Love with a Girl by the White Stripes. It’s really fun to play and it always catches the audience off guard,” said Aiello.

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