Backstage Pass: Humons

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Humons and discussed Detroit techno and the future of music. You can check him out on our Indie Rock or Indie Electronica Station on

How would you define Electrofusion? It kinda sounds like some new-age, psychedelic work out, but you’d be wrong because it truly is the only way to describe Alan Sedghi mastermind, Humons. Hailing from the nitty-gritty city of Detroit, Sedghi has been engrossed with music from a young age and has been dabbling around with all types of genres from then on.

Ever since then I’ve been expanding the genres I listen to, and so the kind of music I have been writing has been continually evolving,” said Sedghi.


Besides defining himself as electrofusion, which is a healthy blend of genres ranging from half acoustic to half electronic, his influences can also be found at both end of the spectrums, enjoying the likes of aussie rockers Tame Impala to infamous british DJ Bonobo.

As far as genre goes….Ambient, Indie, Electronic & Funk all find their way into the music at various points in the album,” said Sedghi.

Taking the time to enrich his own sound, Sedghi has been frequenting more electronic shows around Detroit, taking advantage of the iconic history the city has with techno music. Getting a chance to attend Movement this past summer, Sedghi accounts it as a very memorable experience, having the opportunity to take in the rich sound that surrounds the city.

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If any of us had a crystal ball, we would love to see what they youth of america will be jamming to on their iPhones in 2020. Will disco make it’s huge return? How about the keytar, will it make a comeback? Meh probably not, but hey stranger things have happened, Justin bieber is a thing. One fact is for certain is that streaming radio will be ever more prevalent in our day to day activities, be it an educational tool for some while others will use it to discover new music. That’s our job here at Ourtunez, find the crème de la crème, and deliver straight to your dome.

More streaming. More music festivals. Other than that, I have no idea. Its the biggest unknown for me”