Backstage Pass: Drunk Enough to Dance

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Drunk Enough to Dance and discussed the workings of a new band and their first album. You can check him out on the Indie Alternative Station on

Starting a band can be a rough process; First you have to find the elite group of musicians that can stick together, have the creative process, oh and probably not ripping off each others heads would help. Drunk Enough to Dance is new, but they are aren’t going anywhere, anytime fast.

Forming less than eight months ago, DETD have already finished a first EP already that their keyboardist has been masterminding himself for the past couple of years. It’s a concept album so think about albums like Dark Side of the Moon and Tommy, it tells a weird, strange story from start to finish.



“As I mentioned before our first EP is a concept album which means it flows from beginning to end. It consists of five main tracks that are linked by what we call “in-betweens.”

When it comes to defining their sound, they told me it changes from song to song, to keep it interesting. Even more interesting is that one of their favorite covers to play is “Ignition” by R. Kelley. As well as being R. Kelley fans, if they had to name their major influence, it would be a band called The Deer Hunter, a progressive rock band from Rhode Island.


” We love changing up our sound. There are hints of pop-punk, jazz, pop-rock, and more. We like to try and make music that can be deemed beautiful.”

Taking small steps at the fore front helps a band grow, not only to their fans, but gives them time to make and record music they truly love. When that is achieved, taking your band to small bars and shows on the local circuit is the best way to build a solid fan base.

” To us, we need to gain a solid local following because it’s those awesome kids who will spread your band through word of mouth. If you can get the locals on track with you, it’s going to look very promising from there. ”

At the end of the day though, you need to get your music to the people, shove it down their throats, until they puke. Here at Ourtunez, let us make help you puke, till the point where they kinda weirdly enjoy it. If you’re a new band, looking to make your music available to the people, head to and sign up today. Doggie bag not included.