Backstage Pass: Dan Tillery

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Dan Tillery and discussed transcending genres and the current state of music. You can check him out on our Soft Folk & Reggae Station on

Being able to transcend through multiple genres is no easy task, being able to take tidbits from all walks of life and making them blend into one. Luckily, Dan Tillery has been able to mastermind this process, ranging from reggae to blues to even ska, has made this Detroiter a jack of all trades.

I imagine a little bit of everything I have ever heard shines through from time time to time. Most of my Music, especially live is Improvisation. I find a funky little rhythm and just GO,” Said Tillery


Tillery has been making music since the age of 20 and is in no way stopping now, following his dreams, turning his passion into his true profession. His biggest influence is California innovators, Sublime, who over the course of the 90’s infused reggae and rock into mega stardom and had every wondering teenager from then on in a perma-haze.

I can say Sublime/Bradley Nowell is my Biggest Influence and I have at one point covered every one of his songs,” said Tillery.

When it comes down to writing new material, Tillery writes what comes to him naturally, following the flow through his fingertips till it makes sense. His best work is created through passion, letting his subconscious run wild, like a wild gazelle, sprinting through an open field. Another reason why his work just comes so naturally is due to his live improvisations, generating a bulk of his catalog.

To me imperfection is perfection. When I let my self be most free is when I am having the most fun and I believe that is when I create my best work,” said Tillery.

In the digital age these days, trying to recreate that down to earth, edgy, raw sound can be a tough to recreate. Something that was as simples as plugging a guitar into an old dirty amp can nowadays only be found at gritty dive bars, where the beer flows like wine. Like anything in life though, what’s cool one day just ain’t the same the next.


I just hope people will always remember how powerful and wonderful music really is. Music should be just fine Forever,” said Tillery.

At Ourtunez, we help take the passionate ones to the next level, helping them get their love to the ears of millions. While some huge corporations just view bands as a number, we take our time to give each and everyone of our featured artists the love and attention they deserve.

Do what makes you happy and do It as often as possible and with such passion it can not be ignored. Dream Big. Be Authentic.”