Backstage Pass: Annalise Emerick

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an independent artist from Ourtunez. This week, we chatted with Annalise Emerick about her moving music and her travels. You can check her out on our Indie Folk Station on

Annalise Emerick is living a nomadic life. Moving all over America has given her music meaning and has prepared her for a career as a touring musician. Her songs are moving and appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers.

Annalise has lived in Seattle, Austin, Nashville, Boston and now Nashville again. “I’ve never gotten 100% comfortable in any city and I’m always looking ahead toward the next step or the next chapter,” she said. She studied music in Nashville and moved to Boston to launch her music career. The song “You Win” is a love song about her relationship with Nashville. “Nashville is a great town but you really have to be careful not to get too comfortable while you’re there, at least that’s how I feel,” she said. She was motivated to get better by the amount of talent in Nashville but found it could also be discouraging.

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Annalise Emerick: Ourtunez Featured Artist

Right before her move in 2011, she recorded Starry-Eyed, a seven track, emotionally driven EP. It tells her story of a young woman moving forward in life, falling in and out of love, starting out hopeful, getting heart-broken, and learning from experiences. Now equipped with a set of beautiful songs, she was ready for her move.

Boston was a great place for her to launch her career. “I was able to play a lot of shows and really learn how to be an independent musician while having the support of the local scene behind me,” she said. Annalise fit in well with the Boston folk scene. She enjoyed being a day’s drive from major cities like NYC, Toronto, and Philly for her tours, which she does A LOT.

Take one look at her nationwide tour schedule and you’ll see she’s absolutely booked for the next 5 months, performing about 20 shows a month. She has new material for this massive tour as well. Her new album has just been mastered and Annalise is really excited for people to hear it. “It’s a lot more americana/country/folk than Starry-Eyed. I feel like my songwriting is much stronger than it was back when we recorded Starry-Eyed so I hope people hear how I’ve matured over the past few years in life and in writing,” she said.

Annalise Emerick is another independent artist on Ourtunez that is doing it the right way. Her songs are a part of her and come from within. They transcend everything that divides us and hits right at the core of the human spirit, the heart.

-Nino Munaco ( Ourtunez Editor