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Backstage Pass: Alexa Lusader

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a series where we introduce an independent artist from Ourtunez. This week, we talked to Alexa Lusader about her influences growing up. Listen to her music on

Alexa Lusader, 21 year old from Rochester, MI, was one of the first artists to sign up on Ourtunez in 2013. Since then, her music career has grown and has a promising future. This wouldn’t be the first time a pop star hailed from Rochester.

Madonna also originated in this suburb of Detroit. Alexa claims that she is one of her influences. “90s pop is the first genre I remember listening to Madonna cassette tapes, (and going to) NSYNC concerts. Always loved Christina Aguilera and her insane pipes.” Along with writing original music, Alexa enjoys doing covers. “Feeling Good by Nina Simone is and will forever be my go to cover song.”

Alexa’s influences are very eclectic. “The variety of genres and decades of music my family introduced me to over the years influenced me a lot: pop, rock, R&B, alternative and hip-hop. There are so many different elements I want to put into my music. Then I was introduced to the beauty of jazz, blues, and soul. I love the way it felt to sing those songs.”Alexa Lusader

Everyone has their own approach to creating music. “For me, it always starts with a melody. If you don’t have a great melody, you don’t have a great song.” She understands the difficulty in being a songwriter. “There is no wrong way to write a song. Everyone has their own method. How much work does it take to create songs? Let’s just say I’ve figured out what works because I’ve found everything that doesn’t work..”

One highlight of Alexa’s young career was opening for Niykee Heaton, last month. “Loved the vibes from the crowd. I’m getting more of a grasp on who Alexa Lusader the performer is so I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves.”

Alexa is all about the feeling you get when you listen to music. “My goal is to take people into another world when they listen to my music. Entertain them, move them, inspire them, make them feel something. The greatest thing a creative can do is inspire others to be great.”

-Nino Munaco, Ourtunez Editor ( (@ninomunaco)