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Backstage Pass: SPiN

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a series where we introduce an independent artist from Ourtunez. This week, we caught up with SPiN, winners of our Indie Showdown Contest. You can check out their music on

Congratulations to Philly band SPiN for winning our Indie Showdown Contest for their song “Pushed Around”. This comes as no surprise, as SPiN has been one of our top artists since they signed up for Ourtunez. SPiN’s use of multiple rock elements appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Part of SPiN’s success is due to the chemistry within the band. With humble beginnings in a high school jazz band and starting off doing covers, SPiN has grown and evolved since their first hit single “Home” in 2007. “It’s very much a collaborative thing. We all write, so we all bring ideas up and work on them until they’re smash hits. Which, of course they all are,” says Jim Vacca, who plays the keys, bass synth, and provides vocals. Eric Rothenheber (lead vocals, guitar), Henry Cieplinski (lead guitar, vocals), and Lou Chudnofsky (drums) make up the rest of SPiN.


SPiN’s sound has been compared to bands of the past and present like Queen and Muse. They combine heavy chords with pop synth sounds for a perfect balance. Mix this with great songwriting, vocals and a great beat, and you got a song like “Pushed Around.” This is a song we can see blasting through the radio waves and being an arena anthem. “Hank brought the original idea up. He said he wrote it on the throne. Then we beat it up until it sounds like we want. Next we put down a rough live mix before recording it. We put together our own makeshift studio, which is great because of the creative freedom we have. Also, there’s the low low studio session price of free. That helps too.” This band truly does it on their own terms.

Ourtunez Featured Artist: SPiN

Ourtunez Featured Artist: SPiN

SPiN has a memorable past as well as a promising future. They’ve provided support for bands like Halestorm, Fuel, Hinder, SafetySuit, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, Red, Fat Joe, RA and more. They’ve done over 500 live performances. New music is on the way for SPiN. “We are working on a new EP as well as a new video for one of the songs on it… I guess we could be done with it late summer, early fall, we hope. Wait…is it fall yet?” Time flies when you’re having fun, right? “Lou blows kerosine balls in his backyard. We watch. That’s fun. We all do different things. Couple guys are real into baseball, some into light porn. Ya know. Typical stuff.” Interesting hobbies but that’s expected from a true, outspoken rock band. 

Learn more about SPiN at

-Nino Munaco (Ourtunez Editor)

Electric Forest: Festival of Music, Nature, and Community

Electric Forest, which has become one of the biggest camping music festivals in the U.S, was a weekend-long journey that celebrated not only music and nature, but community. People from far and wide camped for four (or five) nights in Rothbury, Michigan to see their favorite musical acts, but what they got was so much more.

The vehicles started to line up on Wednesday during the day, and from 11 p.m. to about 4 p.m. the next day, a steady stream of cars were being led to their respective camping sites. The first thing you might notice is the sheer size of the campground, which housed a sold-out attendance of about 37,000. There were tents as far as the eye can see.

electric forest

Festival-goers, especially the amazing volunteers, were encouraged to be friendly and help those who camped around them. The sense of community could be felt all around. “Happy Forest” was the phrase that made all feel welcome. The campground was organized like a city, with a main street full of vendors and a general store that was open 24 hours. All of this was provided for the guests, and this was all outside the Forest.

The Forest was a work of art that never seemed to end. It was easy to get lost, but that was never a bad thing. You could go in all four days and discover something new each time. It starts with yoga at noon and the activities expand from there. Psychedelic Bingo was another fan favorite. Electric Forest is so much more than just the music, but music is the backbone.

Electric Forest supplied it’s visitors with some of the most talented, diverse group of musicians in the world. Electronic music was the main focus, with big names like Zedd, Steve Angello, Excision, and Moby each making the crowd dance and move to the music of the future. Rapper ScHoolboy Q had heads bobbin’ to his smooth beats and soulful rhymes. Lauryn Hill and Aloe Blacc put on some incredible vocal performances. Stephen Marley set the forest ablaze. Jam bands STS9 and The String Cheese Incident had massive crowds rocking and dancing to their tunes, each doing multiple shows. The Forest Stage even had a touching moment when father and son Kevin and Dantiez Saunderson went back to back for a memorable set. The hammocks in the trees would swing in approval to the sounds of the Forest.

During the day, Sherwood Forest was like a beautiful nature walk, and during the night, a spectacular light show that makes the whole trip worth it. The amount of detail put into the Forest must be recognized. It was an art show worthy of it’s own festival. Monuments and statues stood tall while buildings and gardens served as beautiful meeting spots, full of rich detail and color.

Ourtunez was there for it all, not only promoting our app, but making connections with the people. We were amazed at how people responded to a music service that focused on independent artists. New music discovery is contagious and addicting, and we want to thank EVERYONE who came by our booth for some slow-motion fun and to hear what Ourtunez is all about. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. WE LOVE YOU ALL.


-Nino Munaco, Ourtunez Editor (