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Backstage Pass: Escaping Pavement

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Escaping Pavement and discussed Americana and touring the mitten state. You can check him out on our Indie Country/Folk Station on

esacping pavement

Trying to achieve an old, americana sound is hard to come by these days around Detroit. With so many different genres that float around the city, it seems like traditional tunes are few and far between. Escaping Pavement are fairly new around town, but have strong roots thanks to two phenomenal duo, Emily and Aaron, who have for the last couple of years been putting the final pieces into the puzzle.

Aaron have been playing together in various bands though for at least 7 years now. Escaping Pavement is kind of like the culmination of all the things we’ve learned and kept with us from being in those bands,” said Emily.

It’s a combination between their beautiful harmonization, country edge, and energetic backing makes for a show not to be missed. Dabbling in a little bit of everything fun and western, front woman Emily Burns describes their sound nicely.

Americana on the rocks with a splash of folk.  Or it’s also been referred to as Folk-rockin altercana.”

1375680_518283501595207_1994248203_nNot only showcasing their wonderful talent around the metro area, playing small gigs in Northern Michigan help bring Escaping Pavement new fans from all over the mitten state. Having played multiple shows at Short’s Pub, one of Michigan’s premiere craft breweries, only goes to show that having a strong blend between creating new music and establishing new fans, is a health mix.

Of course it’s important to create new material to keep things interesting for both us and our fans. At the same time, I think we have the most success in gaining new fans by playing that music live in different markets,” said Emily.

Making your way in the world today, takes everything you got. Take a brake from all your worries, because here at Ourtunez we establish a connection with our featured artists, providing them their own independent station. Every other streaming website may not have your best intentions in mind, but have no fear, we got cha man.

I hope to see the music industry thriving with independent artists making a living on live shows and merchandise. Although I don’t see much hope for the recorded music market with the way things are headed now.” 

Weekend Goodiebag: Dawn & Hawkes

Sometimes in life, between all the non sense noise and bass heavy music, you need to turn the tempo down a bit and relax. Dawn & Hawkes are a southern duo hailing from Austin, Texas and blend the line between traditional folk music and pop. Both ambiguous songwriters from the south, they joined forces to multiply their talents, and take over the world with acoustic guitars strapped to their backs. Below is a video for their song, “Yours and Mine,” off their EP Golden Heart which can be found on our Indie-Folk station. Filled with soulful songs and heart warming melodies, our Indie-Folk station can help warm your soul on the coldest of winter days. So the next time your ears are in need of a litte R & R, head on over to and check out our pals Dawn & Hawkes. Cheers!


Backstage Pass: Dan Tillery

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Dan Tillery and discussed transcending genres and the current state of music. You can check him out on our Soft Folk & Reggae Station on

Being able to transcend through multiple genres is no easy task, being able to take tidbits from all walks of life and making them blend into one. Luckily, Dan Tillery has been able to mastermind this process, ranging from reggae to blues to even ska, has made this Detroiter a jack of all trades.

I imagine a little bit of everything I have ever heard shines through from time time to time. Most of my Music, especially live is Improvisation. I find a funky little rhythm and just GO,” Said Tillery


Tillery has been making music since the age of 20 and is in no way stopping now, following his dreams, turning his passion into his true profession. His biggest influence is California innovators, Sublime, who over the course of the 90’s infused reggae and rock into mega stardom and had every wondering teenager from then on in a perma-haze.

I can say Sublime/Bradley Nowell is my Biggest Influence and I have at one point covered every one of his songs,” said Tillery.

When it comes down to writing new material, Tillery writes what comes to him naturally, following the flow through his fingertips till it makes sense. His best work is created through passion, letting his subconscious run wild, like a wild gazelle, sprinting through an open field. Another reason why his work just comes so naturally is due to his live improvisations, generating a bulk of his catalog.

To me imperfection is perfection. When I let my self be most free is when I am having the most fun and I believe that is when I create my best work,” said Tillery.

In the digital age these days, trying to recreate that down to earth, edgy, raw sound can be a tough to recreate. Something that was as simples as plugging a guitar into an old dirty amp can nowadays only be found at gritty dive bars, where the beer flows like wine. Like anything in life though, what’s cool one day just ain’t the same the next.


I just hope people will always remember how powerful and wonderful music really is. Music should be just fine Forever,” said Tillery.

At Ourtunez, we help take the passionate ones to the next level, helping them get their love to the ears of millions. While some huge corporations just view bands as a number, we take our time to give each and everyone of our featured artists the love and attention they deserve.

Do what makes you happy and do It as often as possible and with such passion it can not be ignored. Dream Big. Be Authentic.”

Weekend Goodie bag: Darlingside “Woodstock” Cover

This precious little masterpiece here is a genuine cover of a song that helped move a generation, talking about one of the greatest moments in music history. Originally written and performed by Joni Mitchell, the song is her perspective on the famous 1969 music festival, Woodstock. Unable to attend the event, Mitchell wrote the song after hearing all the tales from her boyfriend at the time, Graham Nash, and what she saw on television, which was being blasted around the world. Now a days music festivals are a dime a dozen and in some regard, they lost their true meaning, a weekend where thousands gather to embrace each other and try a find a way to change the future. While most of the population under the age of 13 probably has no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a good sign that bands today are guiding the younger generation in ways to understand the true meaning of music and it’s initial roots. Cheers Darlingside, thanks for reminding us what’s right with the world.

Backstage Pass: Humons

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Humons and discussed Detroit techno and the future of music. You can check him out on our Indie Rock or Indie Electronica Station on

How would you define Electrofusion? It kinda sounds like some new-age, psychedelic work out, but you’d be wrong because it truly is the only way to describe Alan Sedghi mastermind, Humons. Hailing from the nitty-gritty city of Detroit, Sedghi has been engrossed with music from a young age and has been dabbling around with all types of genres from then on.

Ever since then I’ve been expanding the genres I listen to, and so the kind of music I have been writing has been continually evolving,” said Sedghi.


Besides defining himself as electrofusion, which is a healthy blend of genres ranging from half acoustic to half electronic, his influences can also be found at both end of the spectrums, enjoying the likes of aussie rockers Tame Impala to infamous british DJ Bonobo.

As far as genre goes….Ambient, Indie, Electronic & Funk all find their way into the music at various points in the album,” said Sedghi.

Taking the time to enrich his own sound, Sedghi has been frequenting more electronic shows around Detroit, taking advantage of the iconic history the city has with techno music. Getting a chance to attend Movement this past summer, Sedghi accounts it as a very memorable experience, having the opportunity to take in the rich sound that surrounds the city.

albumart1 (1)

If any of us had a crystal ball, we would love to see what they youth of america will be jamming to on their iPhones in 2020. Will disco make it’s huge return? How about the keytar, will it make a comeback? Meh probably not, but hey stranger things have happened, Justin bieber is a thing. One fact is for certain is that streaming radio will be ever more prevalent in our day to day activities, be it an educational tool for some while others will use it to discover new music. That’s our job here at Ourtunez, find the crème de la crème, and deliver straight to your dome.

More streaming. More music festivals. Other than that, I have no idea. Its the biggest unknown for me” 

Backstage Pass: Drunk Enough to Dance

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined Drunk Enough to Dance and discussed the workings of a new band and their first album. You can check him out on the Indie Alternative Station on

Starting a band can be a rough process; First you have to find the elite group of musicians that can stick together, have the creative process, oh and probably not ripping off each others heads would help. Drunk Enough to Dance is new, but they are aren’t going anywhere, anytime fast.

Forming less than eight months ago, DETD have already finished a first EP already that their keyboardist has been masterminding himself for the past couple of years. It’s a concept album so think about albums like Dark Side of the Moon and Tommy, it tells a weird, strange story from start to finish.



“As I mentioned before our first EP is a concept album which means it flows from beginning to end. It consists of five main tracks that are linked by what we call “in-betweens.”

When it comes to defining their sound, they told me it changes from song to song, to keep it interesting. Even more interesting is that one of their favorite covers to play is “Ignition” by R. Kelley. As well as being R. Kelley fans, if they had to name their major influence, it would be a band called The Deer Hunter, a progressive rock band from Rhode Island.


” We love changing up our sound. There are hints of pop-punk, jazz, pop-rock, and more. We like to try and make music that can be deemed beautiful.”

Taking small steps at the fore front helps a band grow, not only to their fans, but gives them time to make and record music they truly love. When that is achieved, taking your band to small bars and shows on the local circuit is the best way to build a solid fan base.

” To us, we need to gain a solid local following because it’s those awesome kids who will spread your band through word of mouth. If you can get the locals on track with you, it’s going to look very promising from there. ”

At the end of the day though, you need to get your music to the people, shove it down their throats, until they puke. Here at Ourtunez, let us make help you puke, till the point where they kinda weirdly enjoy it. If you’re a new band, looking to make your music available to the people, head to and sign up today. Doggie bag not included.



Weekend Goodie Bag: The Erers live at Smalls

1510947_698728720146888_1671899661_nThis weekends goodie bag contains a show that will send shivers up and down your spine, make you reconsider your whole existence on this planet, and probably keep you up all night, tossing and turning in your sleep while you keep asking yourself, “Is this real life?” Yes, yes this is real life, you just got Erer’d. The cure for it isn’t anywhere on Web MD, the only way to survive now is more and Ourtunez can give you your junkie fix. It’s extremely simple, go see The Erers tomorrow night at Smalls in Hamtramck, MI, rage face, then constantly stream their album off of Ourtunez on our Indie Rock station. Side effects may include: Headache, insomnia, hysteria, sore throat, hair loss, amnesia, colored urine, hallucinations, loss of bowel control, and if you have an erection that lasts more then three hours, well then, thats not really our problem, kinda strange, and you should probably go see a professional.