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Weekend Goodie Bag: Swedish Satisfaction

Goodie Bag comes a day late this week, sorry not sorry, my face was filled with turkey and beer. We have a special video for you from our good buddies The Erers’ and its a doozie. Check out this freshy new video for their single “Swedish Satisfaction,” that encompasses everything from black masks to shotguns to bloody walls. Yes, this is rock n roll and if you don’t like it then get outta The Erers way, cause they are here to stay.

Ourtunez Backstage Pass: TAMPPA

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined TAMPPA and discussed his past, inspiration, and how artists benefit from Ourtunez. You can check him out on the Indie Rap station at


Native of Brooklyn, TAMPPA is making things happen for himself and on his own terms. From working with fellow artists from all over the world, to shaping his career from watching his idols, taking in their every move. Not many artists have the drive to make it to the top, but it’s guys like TAMPPA, through hard work and determination have endless limits to what they can accomplish,“Having an opportunity to have access to this world at a young age and have it mold me into the artist I am today.”

Extremely grateful for his family, TAMPPA pays tribute to all of his loved ones he’s lost. TAMPPA stands for “To.All.My.Peoples.Passed.Away” for this mother and grandmothers, who all passed away in the month of November. They were all very influential to him, especially his Grandmother who took him out of foster care at a young age, so his name is a tribute to them. “It was motivation when I write, when I’m in the booth, it was that emotional connection I had with those that are not now. And if I gave up now, it was not representing them, the ones that gave me life,” TAMPPA explained.

As far as artists he looks up too, TAMPPA has a range that goes from early hip-hop, to Earth Wind and Fire and even can get down on some indie bands like Passion Pit. When it comes to all time favorites though, TAMPPA would love to work with Nas. His first album given to him was Illmatic, which his cousin Az was featured on the song, “Life’s a Bitch.” “I allowed the tape to play and before I knew it, I was listening to the whole album, Illmatic. My first time memorizing a song word for word and not just the hook.”


Known by his close friends as, The Mad Scientist, because of his unique approach to coming up with new material, TAMPPA starts with a beat, then lets the rest flow from there. Some say you need to hit the road as a new artist, but TAMPPA believes there is a better, more genuine approach before making it to the main stage, “You have to have an arsenal before stepping on stage and recording songs in the studio, feeling the track out, and then attacking the stage with confidence.”

TAMPPA is one of our freshest artists and more like him are signing up daily to, getting their name out all around the world. It’s simple for new artists to get their music on the site, just head to the website, go to the band sign up page, fill out some information, upload your music, and BAM your very own music is zapped into the ears of eager listeners. And not only do the fans benefit, but artists also benefit by being put in contact with each other, “You need outlets like Ourtunez, because it allows artists collab and build and now move together.” 

Weekend Goodie Bag: [11/21 – 11/24]

Thirsty Thursday is upon us, and that means that you need a reason to hit the town tonight, well look no further, because we have some spectacular shows lined up for you this weekend. If you are in the Minneapolis area tonight then you need to make your way to The Cabooze to check out Detroit stars Kaleido in all their glory. As far as the rest of the weekend goes, we have Taddy Porter playing all weekend with a show in the Windy City on Sunday night to cap off the weekend in good fashion. But the show you NEED to attended this Saturday, if you are anywhere near the Hollywood area is Whiskey Six at the infamous Whiskey a GO-GO. What’s better then drinkin’ whiskey while watching a band called Whiskey Six, in a bar called the Whiskey? The old triple threat right there ehh?!? Have a wonderful weekend of music and mayhem from everyone at Ourtunez!


Thursday 11/21

Dawn & Hawkes - Coal Vines, Austin TX @ 10 PM

Kaleido – The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN @ 9 PM

Natalie Gelman - Old Towne Pub, Pasadena, CA @ 8PM

Taddy Porter – The High Watt, Nashville, TN @ 7 PM

Friday 11/22 

New Hollow – Radio Show Q92, Canton, OH

Kaleido – Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI @ 9:30 PM

Darlingside – Strand Theatre, Rockland, ME @ 7:30 PM

Natalie Gelman - Wolf Creek Wine Room, Big Bear Lake, CA @ 6:30 PM

Taddy Porter - Jim Porters Good Time Emporium, Louisville, KY @ 7 PM

Saturday 11/23 

Darlingside – Wicked Cool Music, Barrington, NH @ 6 PM

Taddy Porter – Rathskeller, Indianapolis, IN @ 7 PM

Whiskey Six - Whiskey a GO-GO, Hollywood, CA @ 8 PM

Sunday 11/24

Natalie Gelman - Fox and Hounds, Studio City, CA @ 10 PM

Taddy Porter - Double Door, Chicago, IL @ 7 PM

Ourtunez Backstage Pass: The Gentlemen Mutineers

The Ourtunez Backstage Pass is a weekly series where we introduce an artist exclusive to Ourtunez. This week, we joined The Gentlemen Mutineers and discussed their creative sound and the soul of Motown. You can check them out on the Indie Rock station at


Grab a big ole’ bowl, throw in Rock, add Blues, stir in some Hip-Hop and sprinkle a little Detroit soul on top. Breath it in and you’ll find yourself in a Gentlemen Mutineers haze. Raised on Motown and everything Detroit, The Gentlemen Mutineers, are a fresh face to the scene.

A Mutineer is “one who takes part in mutiny,” a rebel, an anarchist, but these guys are still a class act. “We thought the name reflected our sound. It’s rebellious, but with a code and respect for the great music of the past,” the guys told me when I asked them how the name came about.

Not only is their sound unique but their live show is worth a gander. The six of em provide a high energy, good time and will keep your senses tingling for quite sometime. “All the guys in the band are creative souls,” and this really reflects their original sound.

Embracing Detroit head on, these gentlemen see a change coming, rising from the ashes. “I think people have only seen the tip of the ice burg of what Detroit can do.”

The next time you are crusin’ down Woodward, plug your iPhone in, throw on the Ourtunez App and select the Indie Rock station to get your Gentlemen Mutineers fix in full form. Cheers!

Weekend Goodie Bag: A Gif’tastic Review of Darlingside’s Album, “Pilot Machines”

This weekends Goodie Bag should give you a case of the giggles and hopefully a couple dribbles of pee in your fresh undies. Cheers!


Track One – “Still”

Hmmm.. yess this is a nice start. A beautiful, harmonious beginning to this indie folk album 

troy and abed


Track 2 – “The Woods”

Tastes like sugar and gumdrops. A quirky, poppy jam with subtle strings lurking in the background

creepy turtles


Track 3 – “Drowning Elvis”

Feels like melodic raindrops splashing you in the face. A downtempo melancholy song about better days.


Track 4 – “Ava”

It’s like the one that got away, shit on your heart and thought it was fine. A blissful enchanting cry for a lost love and what went wrong.

sad hot chick


Track 5 – “The Company we Keep”

Sounds like you are ready for a night on the town, with the world on your shoulders. An epiphany of growing up and being on your own.

hate hate hate


Track – 6 “Blow the House Down”

It’s gonna take more then just one puff from that wolf to blow this one down. Kick drum, fat bass lines, and a catchy chorus.



Track 7 – “Only Echoes”

That song you put on before you dim the lights, fire up some candles, and run to the bathroom to fart. A finger pickin’ confession of lust with a profound breakdown.

bang town


Track 8 – “When Fortune Come”

A song about that one friend, who after college got thick rimmed glasses and a boring girlfriend. A somber song about lost friends and burning bridges.

bobby bike


Track 9 – “My Love”

A song for those that have been in a “relationshit.” Strings tug on a heartache, that can’t be shaken.



Track 10 – “Terrible Things”

A song, that even after a couple plays, keeps you wondering. Kooky little tune about mischief with a poppy harmony.

bitch what


Track 11 – “The Ancestor”

Makes you feel as if you are flying on a cloud with a fine scotch. An uplifting, intertwining story of death and new beginnings.

harry potter


Track 12 – “Sweet and Low”

A fiery ender that roars and echoes from here to eternity. An exquisite and profound ender with hints of electronic tones and distortion.

crazy lady