Ourtunez Backstage Pass: Darlingside

When it comes to inspiration, each member has their own to look to, but a free oft-cited influential artists are Punch Brothers, The National and Other Lives. They can all agree on one cover to play though, 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins is one that they frequent at live shows. ” A few of us grew up cycling that one through every mixtape, we’ve really enjoyed putting our major-key bluegrassy spin on it.”


As new listeners are looking online for find the latest and greatest in music, bands need to be able to balance a rigorous touring schedule and recording new material. “It definitely takes some of both approaches, which makes life difficult when you also need the mental space to be creative and keep developing new material!” Ourtunez gives bands like Darlingside the platform to showcase their goodies to the rest of the world. “Another great platform for music exploration and discovery! We’re excited to be part of it in the “beta” stage and watch things grow.”

Head on over to Ourtunez.com to stream Darlingside’s newest album, Pilot Machines, and put that ‘ish on repeat.